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How to #GetOutThere on your day off

We know that getting out there doesn't always involve working up a sweat -- sometimes, you just need to get outside, relax and breathe in some fresh air as you soak up the sun. 


In fact, we think that those days are just as important as your adventure-days.


Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy being outdoors and appreciating the world around you without lacing up those sneakers.


Enjoy your meals outside. Whether it's morning coffee and a slice of toast, or an evening BBQ, taking your plate outside and sitting in the sun or under a warm blanket if it's cold out is a great way to get yourself away from screens and among nature without much effort at all. Better yet, invite people around for a meal on a nice weekend and soak up the sun for hours as you socialize, too.


Plant something. Is this old-school now? Perhaps, but getting down to your roots (literally) to plant something in your garden -- flowers, fruit, vegetables -- is a great way to take a break from your busy day and pass a few hours outdoors. Plus, you'll be helping our earth, too!


See an Outdoor Show. In the summer, there tend to be a whole variety of outdoor plays, shows and cinemas to choose from, in virtually every city. Find a performance or event that fits your fancy and bring some friends along!



Walk and Talk. This one's a classic, but going for a walk with friends is seriously such a therapeutic and fun afternoon activity, we had to include it. Even better, add on a cup of coffee before or after and turn it into a real social get together.


Find a Rooftop. In almost every major city, summer brings the rise of rooftop everything: cinemas, restaurants, cafes, lawn bowls... you name it. Find a rooftop activity of something you love, and enjoy your favorite food or hobby with a view and the sunset.


Take a Class. Not all outdoor classes require sweat and strain -- look into an art class, a cooking class or any other sort of class located outside this summer to finally learn something new in a new, fresh way.


Volunteer. There's always room for more helping hands, no matter where you live or how you choose to volunteer. Whether it's public grounds clean-up, finish line duty at a fun run or walking dogs from your local shelter, your day off can reward more than just you, too!


Take the family on an outing. When treated to a day off, many of us choose to spend the time with family and friends, however that may look and feel to you. Try relocating your valuable bonding time somewhere new, be it a beach, zoo, aquarium, park or outdoor restaurant. 


Have a picnic. Perhaps the most affordable and customizable way to #GetOutThere is a picnic. You can select your favorite treats, indulge in some coffee or desserts, and lie in the shade or sun without a care in the world.


Camp out in your back yard. We love camping -- it's a perfect way to fully embrace all the outdoors has to offer! Your day off is the perfect time to do those things that otherwise can't squeeze into your schedule, so give camping a try! Or, if you're really pressed for time, pitch a tent in your garden and camp out under the stars with the kids!