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Designed To Last

At Free Country we are not trendy. We are trend right.

Our products are designed to be long lasting, functional and styled well. Our materials are thoughtfully sourced and guarantee the highest quality products at the best value for our customers.


Outdoor Accessibility

Our products have withstood the test of time.

At Free Country our goal is to equip our community with everyday products that over deliver and over perform at a price that might surprise you. Because the outdoors are for everyone.


30 Years in the Making

30 years ago, outdoor apparel was a niche market. Today, it’s everywhere. We have tested, developed and created long lasting products that have earned the trust of our community. At Free Country, we are confident we can continue to do this for the 30 years to come!


What is outside?
It’s not some distant place only reached
by the elite, or the extreme.

It’s not something to be conquered, or to test us.
It’s waiting to be enjoyed by everyone.

The outside belongs to all of us.

The light that warms our face when we step out
from the four walls we live in – we each own our
part of it.

From a walk under the stars to days out exploring,
backyards to back roads, we belong outside.

Outside begins just on the other side of the door.

It’s free to explore.

Free for quiet moments and days of adventure.
Free to make our own.

Outside is ours.

"The outdoors belong to you. We make it simple for you to look good,
with money in your pocket.“

- Ira Schwartz, Founder & CEO