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Outside Is Ours.

At A Glance


of Free Country’s leadership positions are held by women.

55 Million

plastic bottles saved from landfills and used in our eco-conscious FreeCycle line.


countries across 5 continents sell our brand and products.



Designed To Last

At Free Country we are not trendy. We are trend right.

Our products are designed to be long lasting, functional and styled well. Our materials are thoughtfully sourced and guarantee the highest quality products at the best value for our customers.


Outdoor Accessibility

Our products have withstood the test of time.

At Free Country our goal is to equip our community with everyday products that over deliver and over perform at a price that might surprise you. Because the outdoors are for everyone.


30+ Years in the Making

33 years ago, outdoor apparel was a niche market. Today, it’s everywhere. We have tested, developed and created long lasting products that have earned the trust of our community. At Free Country, we are confident we can continue to do this for the 30 years to come!

Executive Team

Ira Schwartz

Founder & CEO

"I want to make the outdoors accessible to everyone. This gives people the opportunity to play outside whether its to hike, ski or just take the dogs for a walk. I love the idea that the outdoors is our playground and live by our motto 'outside is ours'."

Jody Schwartz


“For me, the outdoors has no limits, its where we can feel the most free, full of life, possibility and hope.”

Ted Kaidas

Chief Operating Officer

"The outdoors provides a special place to connect with family and friends and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. For me, I love taking a leisurely stroll with my wife next to the Hudson River."

Mark Morrison

EVP, Sales

“The outdoors has always provided a safe space for me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether it be playing sports with my children, vacationing (sun or snow) with my family, or walking the urban terrain. I can count on the fresh air, solitude, or community to put me a healthy space.”

Todd Barrato

EVP, Corporate Strategy & Licensing

“I’ve always been inspired by nature. Whether I’m on the mountain or relaxing along the shoreline, the outdoors is a space for me to enjoy my downtime with my family.”