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Ways to #GetOutThere with your Friends

Active adventures are exciting – but they’re even more exciting when you’ve got your friends right there experiencing the world with you!

Because we know that everyone’s idea of how they like to #GetOutThere is different, we’ve come up with a list of ways to push yourself, explore your limits, and soak in that radiant feeling after a good workout, all whilst filling your social quota for the day, too!



Get a team together!

When we were kids, so many of us filled our days with team sports and competitions that fueled us and excited us in ways simply going for a power-walk can’t. So why did we stop? Almost every major city offers adult team sport competitions, both midweek and on the weekends, ranging in difficulty levels from the truly skilled and competitive to the purely social and easygoing. Look into your local soccer, softball, tennis or any other sports club near you, get a group of your closest most active friends together, and take the field!


Enter an event with your friends!

Whether you sign up for the New York Marathon, a tennis tournament, a Tough Mudder obstacle course or a winter sports ski competition, do it with a friend. Why? Because you’re going to have to train (sorry to break it to you), and training with someone is not only more exciting, but also easier mentally to #GetOutThere every day! Oh, and it’s so much better when you have someone to truly celebrate with as you cross that finish line!


Convince a colleague to #GetOutThere with you!

One of the most difficult parts about living an active lifestyle is the juggling calendar game we all play when it comes to finding time to be active. Between work, family, social life, relaxation and recreation, it can feel impossible to squeeze in some well-earnt, much needed outdoor time. One of the best ways to make an activity part of your daily routine is to add it onto another activity; in this case, work! Making the effort to walk, ride or run to work each day is an amazing way to tick two boxes at once, as well as boost your energy and endorphins for the busy day ahead of you! Plus, if you manage to convince a colleague to wake up a little earlier and jump on the bike next to you, you’ll find you actually look forward to the morning commute!



Choose sports you can’t do alone!

While running is certainly the kind of activity that can be done both solo and with friends, it can be super beneficial to look into team-specific sports or workouts that will guarantee a friend, teammate, partner or trainer in the process! Think of things like tennis (lessons or a tournament), surfing, water polo, CrossFit (ouch!), yoga, pilates or snow sports. All of these amazing workouts are a part of something larger and will introduce you to new people who share your passion for the outdoors!



Giving back is an important and accessible part of any city, and another great way to talk and test yourself with likeminded people. Whether you’re volunteering to coach children’s sports teams, hand out water on the side of a half marathon, or walk dogs from a nearby shelter on the weekends, your helping hands can also be active hands. Plus, getting your friends to volunteer with you is great for your own social cravings, as well as the organization you choose!


Ready to mix it up? Share this post to get your friends on board!