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Practical Tips to Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

In a modern world that is plastered with images, clothing sizes, magazines and photos, we are constantly comparing ourselves and critiquing our bodies.


It's time to really commit to embracing all that you are -- and even all that you are not. Coming to accept and love your body and its unique features can radically change your life, with increased confidence and a heightened sense of self.

We believe that you should be happy being, well, you.

But we also know that confidence is not simply said and done -- it requires some work.


Below are 8 practical tips to incorporate into your routine in order to take control of your mindset, and choose happiness.


Find flattering clothing that boosts your confidence. Whether it's activewear that hugs your curves and accentuates your favorite parts of your body, or work wear that feels comfortable and allows you to move freely all day long, finding the right products and cuts for your body and taste is essential to boosting your confidence and mood.


Create a routine that works for you and gives you a sense of accomplishment each night. Not everyone is a morning person, needs to work out every day, or operates on a 9-5 timeline. Plan out your week with your own timing, priorities, lifestyle and goals in order to make each day successful and habitually fulfilling.


Surround yourself with positivity. People, photos, attitudes... there are countless ways to truly embed your mind and body within positivity every day, from the people you interact with, to the accounts you follow online. You have an enormous amount of control over the kinds of messages you send yourself and the way they make you feel.


Put in the hard yards when it comes to truly loving yourself. An authentic, unwavering sense of self appreciation is something almost everyone works on for the majority of their adult life -- and that's okay! What matters is that you dedicate yourself and really work through what it is that's holding you back. Whether it's an insecurity or an emotional roadblock, only you can truly break those barriers down.



Don't be scared to dress up a little for the day. As silly as it sounds, putting in a little extra effort each morning with you outfit, hair or makeup, even if it's just to drop the kids at school, can boost your confidence and mood and make you feel invincible all day long. With a prevailing trend of natural, effortless looks, sometimes we need a little bit of something more to rejuvenate our days.


Try to eat nutritious food, but don't sacrifice your treats, either. It's all about balance! Nutritious foods are an amazing way of organically boosting your body's mood stabilizers and making you feel proud and happy within yourself. That being said, our favorite treats also elevate our mood and help us to celebrate happy occasions. Walk the line between the two and find yourself feeling lighter and happier every day.


Write down what you're grateful for each night. It's a simple, fast trick, but an important one. Taking a few moments each day to think about how blessed and loved we are is a great way to reset our perspective and redirect any negative thinking.


Spend your free time wisely. When you find yourself with an afternoon or evening free, be conscious about how and where you spend it. Try to pick activities that truly make you feel good in the long run -- choose coffee with friends over TV and popcorn, or reading a book over reading a celebrity magazine. Again, the more conscious you are of what you surround yourself with and how it affects you, the more control you have over your confidence.