#GetOutThere with Dad This Father's Day!

Father’s Day is around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate Dad than with an experience in the fresh air, together?

Whether he loves the outdoors or prefers a relaxing Sunday morning, there’s always a perfect way to #GetOutThere and treat him to the day he deserves!

Wake up and watch the sun rise. Sitting somewhere peaceful and simply soaking in a perfect summer sunrise is something that all of us know we should do more, but never seem to do. Father’s Day is the perfect day to get out of bed early and head on over to your best vantage point, blankets in hand, and simply be. Finding a quiet moment to be with loved ones can be tricky, even on a day dedicated to him, so carve out the extra time and get him out of bed with a mug of coffee!


Replace breakfast in bed with breakfast in the park. The age-old breakfast in bed tradition is a great one, we agree – but have you tried a breakfast picnic in the park? Grab a basket and rug, pack up some fresh fruit and your favorite bagels and coffee from the local bakery, and head on over to your local park for a morning picnic! There’ll be plenty of space to enjoy before the lunch-time crowd arrives, and plenty of crisp morning sunshine to bask in together as you munch away at your perfect breakfast with Dad!


Workout together. If he’s into working out, then today is your day to join him! (And if he’s not, today is the day to try something new!) Lace up those shoelaces and get outdoors together – it matters less what you do and how well you do it, and more the fact that you get out there and try! Whether you’re seasoned professionals or total beginners, the experience is one you can relish in together. Plus, once you’re done and feeling amazing from your endorphins rush, you can stop in for a reward at your best local ice cream shop!


Take a class together. Whether it’s a yoga class, an art class, a cooking class or a wine tasting, you’ll be able to find unique outdoor experiences in your city with a little research! Find something Dad loves to do, and take it outdoors for a fun twist on his favorite hobby.


Make a day of it. Father’s Day is more than just a few hours, after all! There are so many natural wonders in and around every city, but oftentimes we don’t make the most of our surroundings due to only having a few hours free every here and there. This Father’s Day, scratch the commitments and take the day as a whole – head out to the beach, a fun hiking trail or a local garden and laugh away the day in a mini-vacation from your everyday surroundings.


Take it to the next level. Has he always wanted to run a half-marathon? Or learn to surf? Or hit the slopes? Well, there’s no day like today! Gift Dad with the promise of one of his dreams, and better yet, agree to train and compete with him! Whether the two of you are promising to train for that half-marathon for three months together, or to take ten surfing lessons together over summer, gifting him with something he’s always wanted to do will be sweeter and more rewarding with you by his side.

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