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Surviving the Summer Heat: Our Best Tips

Summer is one of the most amazing times of the year, where you can really #GetOutThere every day. Consistent sunshine means you're free from the temperamental weather changes that can (literally) dampen your day. That being said, summer certainly does carry with it some serious heat and humidity, which can be a daily struggle of its own.

Don't let that stop you!

Here are our 10 best tips to beating the summer heatwave.

    • Eat water-dense foods, like watermelon and cucumbers. We all know that keeping up your fluid intake when it's especially warm outside can help regulate your body temperature, but for many people, the amount of liquid they would need to consume on an extra hot day is simply not realistic. In this case, we suggest opting for water-dense foods (fruits and vegetables that have a high water content percentage) in order to get in that extra little bit of hydration wherever possible. Plus, these healthy snacks have a ton of extra benefits you won't get from a bag of chips!
    • Utilize the zips and pockets lining your activewear so that you minimize your load as you move. Many products come with internal and external pockets of all sizes, from credit card, key and phone pockets to larger and more versatile pocket sizes. Unless you need to carry a large pack, we recommend using these to lessen your exertion while moving and maximize the full potential of your active apparel.
    • Plan your day around the weather patterns. Whether it's rising early to get your workout in before the sun joins you, or selectively planning a long lunch right in the heat of the day, you can manipulate your schedule here and there in order to cater to the ups and downs of temperature as you wish. This can also be done in more tactical ways, such as choosing to take the subway at a less crowded hour when possible in order to avoid being crammed into an over-packed, humid carriage.

    • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing and open-toed shoes. Avoiding tight and restrictive clothing will allow your skin to breathe and feel any breeze that may come your way, therefore regulating body temperature and sweat naturally. By wearing open-toed shoes you avoid the need for socks, which are meant to keep heat in. Just as keeping your extremities warm during winter months helps your overall temperature and comfort, the reverse thought process helps regulate body temperature dramatically in the heat.
    • Keep your hair tied back on especially humid days. Just like with your extremities, having thick hair weighing on the back of your neck can generate unwanted heat and sweat on humid days. Try tying it back (ideally high and off your skin) to alleviate this unwanted heat.
    • Workout along a coast or shoreline. Try relocating your runs, walks and rides from the city to a beach or coastline of any sort. Generally, these areas are more open and therefore experience more wind, which can help to cool you down naturally as you're on the go.
    • Freeze your water bottle overnight if you know you're going to be outside the next day. There are some days where we know we are going to be spending a majority of our time in the sticky outdoors. Freezing your water bottle overnight will ensure you have icy-cool water keep you hydrated and also create a makeshift ice pack to keep you cool as you carry it around. This one is also especially great for kids who have sports games or other activities on the weekend.

    • Lie on the pool, not beside it. Yes,┬áon it! Get yourself a pool lounge or other inflatable option and soak up the sun on that instead. The advantage to doing this is that your hands and feet can dangle in the water as you lie there, helping to keep your body temperature cooler than it would be otherwise. (Just don't forget the sunscreen! The reflection of the sun on the water can be strong, so always be sun-safe when you're outside.)
    • Avoid colors that attract or expose heat. Wearing black, for example, attracts the heat from the sun and therefore will raise your temperature just from the color of what you're wearing. Similarly, colors like light and dark grey very easily show sweat, so it's safest to avoid these colors when out in public.
    • Utilize Aloe Vera after a day in the sun. Even if you didn't get burnt, if you spent a significant amount of time in the sun, it's smart to apply a little bit of Aloe Vera before bed. Aloe Vera will hydrate the skin and simultaneously cool it down, so the heat of each day and the sun's exposure doesn't build up as aggressively over the weeks.