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5 Reasons to Get Moving Outdoors

Working out should be a fun, exciting, dynamic experience.

The modern attitude towards getting moving has evolved dramatically over the last few decades: it’s now seen as a chore, not an adventure. It’s a punishment, rather than an opportunity - and it all seems to happen indoors. Whether it’s a spin class, a treadmill or hot yoga, it appears that the heart of fitness and growth exists only within a building.


Well, we say different.


Working out should be a fun, exciting, dynamic experience. One that changes every day, keeps you on your toes, and builds the strength of your body and mind with organic and authentic challenges. The key to this excitement, we believe, lies in the decision to simply switch up where it happens. Workout like you always have, but do it outside!


Why? Here are just five great reasons to take the plunge, and hit the pavement.

      1. You’ll feel better mentally

          We all know that physical activity in any form releases endorphins in the body, and that these endorphins boost your energy, mood and productivity. However, there is something distinctly different between going for a run and watching the mileage tick on slowly in front of your eyes on a treadmill, and losing count of the miles between trees and trails you didn’t even know were there.

          The adventure itself is more exciting, and the feeling after is elevated with the amount of fresh air and natural energy that you’ve soaked up simply from being among nature.

            2. You’ll work harder.
            Now, this might sound daunting, but really, it’s exciting! When you put yourself in situations that require harder work to execute the same tasks as you’ve always done, you’ll find yourself both out of breath, and reaching your goals faster as you strengthen your body.
            Take the classic example of a treadmill: you can set the pace wherever you want and maintain it as long as possible, manipulating the incline at your discretion. However, the very act of a treadmill is that it generates momentum for you – all you need to do is keep up with it. When you’re running outside, it’s completely up to you to start, stop and maintain pace without the personal coach. In many ways, it requires more focus to execute the same task – and you don’t choose when you get the hills: nature chooses for you.
              3. You get to know your city.
              Once you've lived in a city for a while, we all say we know it. We know the street names, where the best coffee is, our favorite restaurant, and we know the names of every one of our neighbors. But there’s a whole part of any city – especially any major city – that remains undiscovered until you gear up, go out and find it.
              Whether it’s new and hidden cycling trails, a different route to get you to the same place, or a familiar area made unfamiliar by back streets and a new season, exploring your own city is exciting and ever-changing.
                4. It’s affordable.
                There are exceptions to this, of course, like skiing or kayaking, but for the most part, exercising outdoors with some shoes, a ball or bike will give you a great workout without breaking the bank. The cost of paying for a gym membership or a subscription to expensive workout classes is, for most of us, not worth it. In order to make the most out of your dollar, you have to go almost every day per week without fail, and even then – why pay more for something you could get from nature?
                  5. It’s flexible with your own schedule.
                  Unlike class centers that only have certain availability at certain times on certain days, or opening and closing hours that start and end right when you’re at the office, the great outdoors never closes. This is super important – we are all busy, rushing from place to place every day of the week, and let’s face it: “I don’t have time” is the number one excuse that prevents us from living the healthy lifestyle we all crave. Well, by ditching the doors, you have all the time you want, whenever it’s most convenient to you!


                    We understand that working out indoors, using equipment with the proper technique, and never missing a workout due to extreme weather conditions thanks to air conditioning and water stations is a plus – of course it is! But we challenge you to mix it – to really #GetOutThere. And when we say this, what we’re emphasizing is ‘Get OUT There’. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s time to stop asking “Why?” and start asking yourself, “Why Not?”