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What is Power Down?

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More Warmth. Less Bulk.
Whether you’re adventuring out into the Winter Mountains, or braving the winter bite to go for a jog before work, keeping your body heat up and added weight strain down is key.
The Free Country Power Down series is engineered and designed in order to cater to these two things, maximizing warmth and comfort through the combination of Down Feathers and a Poly Cire exterior for maximum weather protection.
With both of these elements by your side, the Free Country Power Down series not only works to generate warmth by their own means, but also to insulate the heat produced by body temperature, and as a result essentially doubling the heat capabilities of non-insulated jackets and activewear.
Down feathers provide a natural and effective thermal barrier between the weather and your body, trapping in your own heat whilst simultaneously fighting off the cold and wind.
In addition to the natural feathering, our Free Country Power Down series jackets are longer in length than our other jackets, adding to the warmth of the piece. Length varies depending upon style and personal taste or needs from below the waist to calf-length jackets.
Styles also differ in feature specificity depending on personal preference in areas such as hooded jacket options, including removable hoods, elastic draw cord waists, dual zipper and front button closures, interior smart systems pockets, exterior pockets, machine washable vests for girls, and detachable faux fur for control over your fashion and function preferences simultaneously.
A unique combination of function and performance, the Power Down series keeps you comfortable while you brave the great outdoors. With its unique versatility and personal needs fulfilled, our Power Down Series has something for everyone. Its amazing warming and functional capabilities will have you looking forward to experiencing the world all year round, and feeling unstoppable as the cold weather rushes in to meet you.
You can explore the Free Country Power Down series here to find the style that fits you just right, and watch the video below to answer your questions and make the most out of your clothing!
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