What is Microtech?

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Microtech is incredibly versatile and flexible, which means that it can be included in a range of products, serving a different purpose depending on what you’re after.
Whether it’s winter warming or summer cooling, Microtech can enhance your activewear composition in order to regulate body temperature and help you get outside in maximum comfort!
Here at Free Country, we enjoy utilizing Microtech particularly in our activewear lines and in our fleeces, so that you can enjoy its benefits no matter what your style or season. When used in activewear, Microtech operates significantly differently than when it appears in our fleeces, which is why its versatility is so unique.
In our activewear, Microtech helps create a soft, flexible and breathable garment, which allows the product to bend and stretch with your adventure, allowing you to explore without any restrictions or discomfort.
We often choose to blend Microtech with polyester or other similar fabrics as we design and engineer our activewear lines, so that the combination of materials together has the potential to create a moisture-wicking effect. This moisture-wicking feature essentially means that the product can draw sweat away from your body as you move and explore, helping to maintain the breathable features of your activewear as well as to help keep your body surface temperature regulated.
When used in our fleeces, Microtech serves a very different purpose: Microtech here actually helps add warmth and comfort to our fleeces, which makes them perfect for day-to-day wear and reliable warmth in the colder months.
Our Free Country fleeces are soft to the touch and easy to clean, creating an amazing go-to staple in the colder months no matter where you’re going.
Not only does Microtech elevate activewear and cater to year-round weather and comfort, but it also comes with a subtle but eye-catching aesthetic that helps the garments appear as cozy as they feel.
Because of all of this, Microtech is a Free Country favorite, as it perfectly toggles function and fashion.
Whether you’re going on an adventure or simply getting out there and putting your feet up, Microtech can cater to your needs with a unique an aesthetic that is both active and leisure at once!
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