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What is Cire or Poly Cire?

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Cire is a lightweight, shiny outwear finish produced with synthetic fibers.
A Cire finish on the exterior of clothing is characterized by its smooth and shiny glossy surface, which is an asset during outdoor performance to deflect the elements of the great outdoors without adding bulk and weight to the garment.
Through adding this Cire finish to fabric, typically via heat and pressure processes, the resulting fabric is often firmer and crisper than other fabrics of the same weight, giving it a unique feature of hard-shell exteriors without heavy impact on your body and performance.
Cire is often referred to as “wet look fabric” as a result of its shine and gloss being so holistic that it makes the product appear wet to the eye. Cire also has a cool-to-touch feel that keeps you comfortable in your active wear all day long!
Poly Cire is a more specific type of Cire specifically using 100% Polyester as the blend and base.
The word “Cire” translates almost directly to “wax” – therefore, the waxy feel, look and protection that is distinct of a Cire finish is easy to spot, and unique to touch.
Today, wax is less commonly the method and resulting material of a Cire garment, instead preferring thermoplastic fabrics like polyester as a more modern-day affordable and functional alternative. In fact, with fabrics such as polyester, no wax is needed at all in the process – only heat and pressure!
It’s important to note that in order to care for Cire properly, unless stated otherwise in the product description or on the tag, you should hand-wash Cire only, not utilize your washing machine.
This is in order to both preserve the longevity of your product, as well as the ability of the Cire or Poly Cire finish to most effectively do its job of remaining glossy, lightweight and protective all at once.
From socks, to tee shirts, to jackets for men and women, Free Country has an extensive and affordable range of Poly Cire and Cire products that are diverse enough to fit your personal taste and needs!
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