What is Butterpile?

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The term Pile refers to the raised surface of a fabric that is characterized by vertical continuous loops. These loops of fabric stand upright from the base, making the surface more three-dimensional than many other surface fabrics to touch.


This three-dimensional feel makes Pile a soft and comforting fabric that invites touch and generates warmth whilst simultaneously retaining body heat.


Pile is seen and felt in a variety of fabrics – carpets, velvet and corduroy, just to name a few – but can be woven differently for different textures and effects depending on the purpose of the overall product.


‘High’ or ‘low’ Pile are terms generally used in association with the vertical height of the loops – high pile carpets, for example, are taller but also looser, like a shaggy rug. High pile loops often create a cozy and warm touch with a visibly fluffy look. Low pile, however, is comprised of shorter and therefore tighter loops. With these low loops, the pile is easier to clean and often comes with an even, smooth surface that looks visually more subdued. 


Our beloved Free Country Butter Pile is a super soft, medium length pile material that feels so soft it’s like… butter!


As a result of its medium-length composition, our butter pile perfectly toggles comfort and coziness with subtle aesthetics and easy-to-clean features. In fact, most of our Butterpile products are entirely machine washable, which makes them easy to wear, and even easier to clean!


Found in a variety of Free Country products, from winter jackets as a lining, to dog jackets, to gloves, to blankets for the kids, our Butter Pile is so cozy and comforting, it’s a personal favorite to many of our customers!


Butterpile is perfect for colder months, or as an effective and reliable additional layer when the weather unexpectedly turns between seasons!


Plus, if you’re travelling between multiple temperaments or enjoying a winter getaway, many of our exclusive Butterpile products are easy to pack!


Thanks to our butter pile fabric, you can #GetOutThere and stay inside in equal comfort, all year round!


Can’t wait to get your hands on your own butter pile piece?  Click here to explore our extensive range and see all the things our customers love about our Butter Pile products!


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