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What is a Storm Placket?

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You’ve probably heard the term placket before. While often used in relation to a dress shirt or the long sleeves on blazers, that’s not all a placket is. In general terms, a placket can refer to either the openings in a garment (such as around the sleeves or waistlines in the case of a jacket) as well as the piece of additional material designed for the purpose of concealing those openings. Here at Free Country, our storm placket refers to the latter, as it serves to conceal and add layers to openings in our garments. 

Also known as a what is a storm flap on a jacket, this placket is one extra bit of protection against the elements. A storm placket is the strategically designed fabric that often overlays over the zippers, seams or buttons of a jacket in order to add protection and therefore enhance the ability of your zippers and buttons to keep wind and cold air from entering into the inside of your jacket. While traditional plackets keep out most cold and rain, a storm flap on a jacket keeps those extra little bits of cold and rain out that could otherwise sneak through a traditional placket. 

Without a storm placket, the holes in the seams of zippers and the gaps between buttons and fabrics will allow wind to breeze through your layers and ultimately lower your body temperature despite you having “buttoned up” to avoid exactly that. Why wear weather protection if it’s not going to maximally protect you? Sure, having some weather protection is better than having nothing, but that’s not exactly ideal to shoot for. 

Storm flaps on outerwear are also great for those getting more into the outdoors. If you aren’t already bought in, a cold, wet experience in the outdoors isn’t likely to make you want to come back. While enthusiasts are bought in, who would voluntarily want to be uncomfortable when on an outdoor excursion? Storm flaps help keep you drier and warmer so you can stay outside for longer and go further! That’s a win-win if we’ve ever heard one.

The storm placket is a safe and much more reliable addition to our jackets intended to truly keep you warm and comfortable without adding bulk or taking away from the breathable nature of your activewear. We make our water repellent and water resistant gear to be breathable, so this storm placket is an extra layer of protection that doesn’t sacrifice even the smallest bit of breathability.

Our storm plackets also enhance the durability of the jacket as a whole, as the high-stress areas such as zippers and buttons on the jacket are commonly undone and redone. Stress points eventually fray and, before you know it, you aren’t getting the protection from the elements that you’re used to. With the placket, these areas are protected and therefore less prone to wear and tear over time, keeping you more comfortable for longer.

In addition to enhancing the temperature regulation and comfort levels of your jacket, our storm plackets are designed and attached in such a way that they allow for a neater, more cohesive and uninterrupted aesthetic for your active wear, allowing your product to toggle both fashion and functionality simultaneously! These storm plackets help you to look as good as you feel when you’re completely protected from the elements on a stormy day.

Storm Plackets are an amazing element of a variety of products here at Free Country — for men, women and children alike! The best part of these storm plackets is the variety and functionality. Whether it’s a softshell jacket, a warm fleece for the winter months, a windbreaker or quilted jacket, the storm placket will take your comfort and control to the next level without you having to do anything extra. From the office to the backcountry, storm flaps on your jacket are a must-have feature for maximum comfort and functionality.

Ready to get your hands on a reliable go-to jacket equipped with your own, visually-pleasing storm placket? Click here to explore our extensive range and unique features suited to all!