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The essence of Free Country lies in our belief and mission that the outdoors are for everyone and anyone. Through our outerwear, swimwear and sportswear, we strive to deliver reliable performance and durable support for each individual adventure.


We also believe that everybody is uniquely different, and that through celebrating these differences each and every day, we can empower our free country to do more, and be more.


Back in 2014, we decided to invest our energy and passion into a line that inspired our team, our customers and our values like never before.


We realized that getting out there was more (or perhaps, less) than adrenalin-pumping, grit-demanding undertakings. In fact, the very essence of our team's passion to #GetOutThere is simply to move your body and feel good. It's truly that simple.


Motivated by our desire to celebrate diversity and create a feeling of comfort for everyone, everywhere, we fostered an extension of our vision: freedom of self, freedom of comfort, and freedom of confidence within our beautiful free country.

Free2B is an authentic, comfortable and flattering collection designed to fit your lifestyle.

Free2B is both similar and different to the mainstream activewear of Free Country. Importantly, Free2B is cohesively aligned with our larger mission, comprised of high-end products that can go the distance (if you want them to), at an affordable price.


However, Free2B is also its own line for a reason. When we design Free2B activewear, we are designing for the everyday woman. We create flattering cuts, on-trend pieces and comfortable combinations that allow women to feel confident, empowered, supported, and elevated in their everyday life. 


Your activewear can perform, and carry you through your adventure, but it doesn't have to. It can simply be -- and so can you.


Getting outdoors, moving your body, and exercising your free country is a communal, accepting, empowering and uplifting experience, and Free2B helps to unleash the courage and comfort that exists within you. Whether you wear your leggings to brunch, to yoga, to the office, in front of the TV or to walk the dog, you're free to feel positive and comfortable. 


With flexibility and responsiveness, both technically and aesthetically, Free2B is ready to react to the ups and downs of life, from the yoga class you never made it to, to surprise visits from your neighbors when you wished you'd had time to change.

Life doesn't always go to plan, but now your outfit can.



However, Free2B isn't simply a leisure line, either. With moisture-wicking, cool comfort features, our Free2B collection can elevate your adventure and rejuvenate your energy day in, day out, allowing you to go as far as you choose, whenever you choose.

Free2B is for the everyday woman, whether you're on the go or going slow.

From reversible leggings and subtle detailing, to plus sizes with on-trend patterns, to color palettes that stay in sync all year long, and cuts and styles that are flattering for all body types, we believe that you should be Free2B you, Free2B comfortable, and Free2B confident. 


It's time to live empowered, everyday. 


However you choose to #GetOutThere, we've got your back. Free 2 B whatever you want, whenever you need. 

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