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Active Accessories Worth the Investment

No matter how you choose to #GetOutThere, your outfit and its accessories are your number one support system.

With countless activewear accessories on the market, it’s important to know which ones are worth your money, and how they will protect you and help you on your adventure.

Here are just a few of our favorite active accessories for year-round reliability and easy comfort.


Socks. As straightforward as this one may seem, it’s oftentimes incredibly overlooked. A good, sports pair of socks (or several!) are incredibly important and worthwhile of an investment. When you invest in socks that are active-specific, your foot and leg receives a perfect balance of comfort and practical support. Plus, the material and engineering of the sock is designed to withstand blistering and endurance exercise, meaning they’ll last longer and protect your feet!

A good hat. Again, this one seems straightforward, but heading into summer, it is so important that you find a hat that works for your needs. Whether you #GetOutThere at the beach with friends or on a bike trail alone, you’re going to need a hat that is as ready to withstand your day as you are. We recommend finding a hat with adjustable straps and sizing, so that its versatility is increased, and it can be put to use for both fashion and functionality as you need.  



A watch. Not everyone needs (or wants) to invest in an expensive sports watch designed to measure every element of their workout. In fact, most of us don’t even need a watch that measures distance or steps. What we all do need, however, is an awareness of time. Whether it’s because of our busy lives, or as a way to monitor our progress as we move, any kind of watch that does what you need is worth the investment. Finding a watch that is water resistant is also a worthwhile option for those of you interested in swimming or water sports; just be sure to do your research and find a watch that matches your personal needs.

An outer shell layer. No matter where you live and how you spend your days, a reliable outer shell layer that can resist weather and protect your layers underneath is a must. Windy and rainy days come unexpectedly, so having a shell jacket that you can packet easily, is lightweight and truly does protect you will come in handy time and time again. Plus, any good shell jacket will last a while, so you won’t have to continually go back for more.

A sports bag. The size of the bag you’ll want to invest in will depend upon the kinds of activities you love to participate in – either way, a bag is always a great idea. If you choose to go to the gym, a larger bag with compartments is the perfect investment, allowing you to bring a change of clothes, water bottle, gym membership pass and anything else you may need with you. If you choose to move around in the outdoors, a smaller bag for your back, or even a fanny pack may be more practical to carry, with one compartment for easy on-the-go access.


The right accessories can alleviate pain, inconvenience and impracticalities from your daily movements and adventures. Be sure to consider your personal lifestyle when looking around, and elevate your adventures like never before.


Ready to #GetOutThere? Check out Free Country’s Women’s Accessories and Men’s Accessories to compliment your activewear perfectly, and your lifestyle practically!