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How to Transition Your Activewear from Summer to Fall

The switch between summer and fall is different for everyone across the country: for some, the gap between the two seasons is as small as ordering a hot coffee instead of an iced coffee, while for others, it's as large as three more layers and a thick pair of socks.


Either way, the switch from summer to fall is coming, so it's time we started preparing.


The trick to mastering seasonal switching lies in knowing how to utilize what you have to get what you need: in this case, your activewear.


With the cooler weather on the way, knowing how to mix up your summer wardrobe for fall will save you money, keep you comfortable, and ensure that you can keep getting out there, no matter what.

Below are our best few tips on how to switch up your wardrobe, without switching it out


  • Layering. With a reliable outer shell and inner warmth layer, piling on different fabrics and items of clothing will be your greatest asset this fall. We recommend investing in a 3-in-1 Systems Jacket, which will carry you through fall and even winter with it's versatile layers. In addition to this, you can layer accessories depending on wind chill or your occasion, such as scarves, gloves, beanies, hats, thicker socks or anything else that can help regulate body temperature.


  • Match colors/tones that are relatively neutral. The great thing about your summer activewear wardrobe is that the colors and styles you choose to invest in can remain trendy and in style across seasonal switches. Don't be afraid of color, either -- purples, blues, greys, greens, oranges, pinks... all these colors can add a pop to your fall wardrobe without looking out of place.



  • Choose warmer materials. When looking at your layers, look at the materials they're made out of to ensure you're getting the most out of your dollar. Some inner layers are softer and warmer than others, just as some leggings have mesh inserts, which may let in wind and water. Consider where you live and the types of activities you enjoy, and go from there.


  • Wear clothes with multiple features. One of the key elements of fall weather is its unpredictability. To ensure that you're truly ready for anything, choose outer layers that are both wind and water resistant, or inner layers that are warm and moisture-wicking simultaneously. Again, this will increase your value for price, and ensure that each layer functions properly and dynamically as you move through the season.


  • Shop smarter. As with any season, the chances are there will be a few things you're needing to rebuy anyway. In this case, it's important to shop smarter. For example, if you have a pair of gloves that are warm, but not quite warm enough for the last few  weeks of fall, try buying miniature hand warmers to put in your gloves as opposed to a whole new set of gloves. 


Controlling your wardrobe and how it works for your needs year-round can be as easy and affordable as you make it. Invest a little bit of time before the chill hits researching your best options, and make sure that they work with the current things you own for optimal outfit versatility.