Free Country as a Lifestyle

by Annie Hicky

We're all about getting out there in the great outdoors, finding your own adventure, exploring what our world has to offer, and living in its open landscapes as much and as often as you can.


But getting out there isn't always about the movement, the workout, the adrenaline or the strength. Sometimes, getting out there is simply tackling your day, and feeling strong and comfortable as you do so.


Free Country is for everyone. We are a team of real people designing clothes that are fashionable and functional for real people. 


We believe in an active lifestyle, which means that we strive to create a brand that you can experience as you wear it, not just as you sweat in it. We know not everyone is out to climb Mt. Everest. We all have our own personal mountains to climb.


Sometimes, it feels as though the expectations of trendy, high-intensity workouts or obtaining the newest hi-tech gear can be overwhelming. And often times comparing ourselves to these trends can be intimidating, or self-deprecating.


We're here to tell you it's okay to not be getting out there every day. It's okay to enjoy the fresh air leisurely, and socially. It's okay to want to stay indoors for the weekend, or to just want something comfortable for your morning commute. 


In short: no matter what you do, or how you do it, it's okay.



We know that not everyone can, or wants to, #GetOutThere in a strenuous sense. Whether you're wearing our Free Country garments to work, to the kids' soccer game, on a long drive, in front of the TV or out to brunch with friends, you're still exercising your Free Country.


Live your own active lifestyle. We'll work around you.

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