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Benefits of Getting Out There

We spend a lot of our time gearing you up to #GetOutThere - whether we're brainstorming creative ideas for your next adventure, or designing the perfect go-to travel-friendly seasonal activewear, our goal is to open up the great outdoors for you and to help us inspire one another to live in it.

We're big advocates for getting out there. Why? Because getting yourself out there among nature and fresh air benefits your body, mind and mood like nothing else.

There are countless benefits that come from hitting the road and exploring our world. Below are just a handful of ways we feel and enjoy the benefits of fresh air every day.


  • Exercising decreases your cortisol. When you move, sweat, get your heart rate up and immerse yourself in an exciting adventure, your cortisol levels decrease as a result. Cortisol is the stress hormone, which is activated constantly day-to-day for all of us, whether it's work, family or personal stress. Getting out there can help reduce this, helping you feel relaxed, and giving your mind and body a chance to breathe -- literally.


  • Improved mood and mood stability. We all know that the release of endorphins during physical exercise boosts our mood, but did you know that regular movement and exercise can also help to stabilize your moods and lessen mood swings over time?


  • Enhanced confidence. Let's face it, we all have days where we could use an extra little dose of self-love and pride to kick start our morning. The confidence boost that comes after an exciting adventure or good workout is the perfect little reminder of all that your body can accomplish!


  • Decrease your Carbon Footprint. If you choose to #GetOutThere on your way to work, the shops or as any mode of transport, you can rest easy knowing you're helping to preserve our planet and atmosphere just a little bit more every day!


  • Help yourself sleep better. When we have exerted energy, relaxed on the stress a little and feel good about ourselves, our sleep is often easier, longer and deeper. This is a cyclic positive impact, as the more sleep you have, the more your workout, mood and stress levels will also improve!



  • Can inspire greater intake of water. If you #GetOutThere in the morning and work up a sweat, you may find your body subconsciously craving and consuming greater quantities of water to replace the lost fluids. Ideally, if you keep your bottle full throughout the day, you'll be able to surpass the levels of fluids lost with your consumption.


  • Sweat can help clear skin. If you work out without any make up on, a non-clogging facial sunscreen and wash your face after a workout, you could see an improvement in your overall skin health. After all, skin is your largest organ, so the more you sweat out toxins and consume fresh, clean water, the healthier it will feel and look.


  • Reduce soreness. Whether you're sore form an intense workout the day before or simply from sitting at a desk for too many hours, getting out there on a jog, walk, ride or any other whole-body activity can help to loosen and stretch out your muscles, reducing discomfort and improving your mobility day-to-day.