What is the Temperature Rating of this Jacket?

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Temperature is subjective: for some, a crisp New York City morning at 55 degrees is quite inviting (especially after a long winter!) – But for others, a morning at 55 degrees is worth a ski parka and a sick day off work.
Everyone has a different tolerance and comfort level depending on the temperature, so we don’t feel that a number or ranking on our products can realistically tell you how warm or cool a jacket is for your own taste.
That being said, we know that comfort and durability when you’re outside and fronting the elements to get through your day are important to consider before buying a product.
For this reason, we have a checklist of tips and pointers to consider, allowing us to accurately help you assess the warmth of your jacket to fit your particular needs.
  • Look into a garment that comes with a removable jacket, like our 3-in-1 Systems Jackets. Having the option to modify your temperature on the go will guarantee you the most comfort throughout a long day (or night), maximum versatility, and the best value for price! Plus, the removable inner jacket can function as its own coverage on warmer days, too!
  • If you’re looking to adventure out in the cold, and the idea of removing an inner layer before stepping outdoors terrifies you, a more insulated jacket may be what you need! We recommend Down Insulation Jackets for occasions like this – especially if you’re planning on moving around a lot, or carrying things as you go, and you’re after durability and dynamic movements together. Down jackets keep you toasty all day long, but without the bulk of other winter jackets, which means it will keep you moving on-the-go! You can shop our Down Jackets here to find the perfect fit!
  • Feeling like you just need that warm and cozy jacket to throw on when the sun disappears? For you, we’d recommend any sort of FCX or Midweight Garment that is fleece or quilted lined, and unlike Down Jackets, not insulated. The benefit to not having an insulation layer in these garments is that it utilizes a soft and heat-capturing material without trapping in and reflecting all the heat your body naturally produces (especially as you’re moving around!). These options will be warm enough for your average chilly days, without striving to protect you from extreme weather conditions.
  • Layering is also an incredibly important and flexible element to finding the perfect temperature jacket for your own needs. As we said, a lot of this is relative, so our best recommendation is to strive for comfort and durability. For this reason, it’s important that you select a size that will allow or layering underneath, so that when the cold chills hit, you can accommodate your body and keep moving. Once you have a jacket with a comfortable amount of space underneath, we recommend looking into lighter, thinner and effective layering items: Fleece, Softshell and Puffer Jackets are our favorite picks for layering, offering added warmth in the winter when layered, as well as sufficient protection on their own in transitional months, like spring or fall.
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