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What is Multi-Ripstop?

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Caring for your clothes has never been so easy, thanks to our specifically engineered Multi-Ripstop fabric!
The weaving of fabrics into squares is an age-old technique in the textile industry – however, what is unique to Ripstop fabric is that is comprised with added weaves of fibers in certain places to strengthen the overall square of fabric.
As these squares build upon each other, the overall garment’s strength and resistance to wear and tear also increases thanks to this technique.
Through adding this extra thread, if a tear appears in the clothing, its ability to continue to stretch beyond its direct ‘square’ of fabric is significantly lesser, and therefore, the jacket or garment as a whole resists large tears much more effectively.
Multi-Ripstop is a unique Free Country premier fabric engineered to enhance the durability of products along with performance.
At its core, Multi-Ripstop is a 100% polyester fabric with a coated backside, which essentially means that it not only prevents wear and tear in your clothing, but it is also lightweight and easy to wear.
Not only does Multi-Ripstop help fight against tears in your clothing, but its durable composition adds a layer of wind and water resistance, meaning it can endure the daily fluctuations of seasonal switching and unpredictable weather.  
Plus, the characteristic textured weave produces a 3D effect to the eye, which will make sure you feel stylish and functional at the same time.
Multi-Ripstop is also an amazing feature to consider when shopping for the kids. Thanks to its characteristic wear-and-tear resistance, their active wear will be able to last as long as their adventures do!
You can rest easy knowing that the Multi-Ripstop fabric will ensure that a snag on a tree as they play outside, or rip in the fabric from harsh surfaces like gravel stays small, and doesn’t affect their ability to move and explore comfortably and safely.
Eager to grab your own protective and stylish Multi-Ripstop active wear in time for your next adventure?
Click here to explore our Free Country Multi-Ripstop activewear and focus your energy on the world around you time and time again!
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