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What is Cubic Dobby?

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Dobby fabric is produced predominantly through the process of weaving – however, what makes it unique is that through weaving with a special tool designed to manipulate yarns in the fabric (believe it or not, the tool is called a ‘Dobby’!) certain geometric prints and patterns can actually be woven into its composition.
While more time consuming than traditional weaving, the benefits of generating a design within the fabric itself means that, if a designer utilizes two or more colors in their creation, it eliminates the need for printing upon the fabric later in the design manufacture process.
In addition to the visual aesthetic of a Dobby woven fabric, the final products are often characterized with a slightly three-dimensional effect as a result. This raised surface makes dobby fabrics unique to touch and often adds to the visuals of a garment when the pattern is striped, checkered or any other similar design.
What’s more is that the three-dimensional characteristic of Dobby materials and its thicker weaves make it super durable to wear, as well as less prone to wrinkling and creases, making it easy to clean and maintain over a long period of time!
Cubic Dobby refers to the composition of the Dobby material itself, and indicates the durability and visual aesthetics of the material as an outer layer on many of our most popular garments.
Specifically, Cubic Dobby offers sustainable protection with minimal bulk, allowing you to stay shielded from seasonal weather changes as you go about your day!
Here at Free Country, we frequently utilize the functional and fashionable dynamic of Cubic Dobby in our outerwear, such as in our windbreaker jackets for men and women, or out softshell jackets for versatile weather protection.
This means that you can benefit from Cubic Dobby through a product that fits your personal needs and style, with a variety of add-on unique features, such as hooded jackets, multiple pocket systems and various lengths and fits. 
Click here to shop our various products, and get ready to withstand the weather like never before!
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