What is a Snow Skirt? What are Gaiters?

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If you’re into exploring snow sports or wintry outdoor adventures, you’ll be familiar with the freezing cold discomfort that can be felt if snow, ice, rain or sleet manages to gather its way inside your clothing.
Well, it’s finally time to say goodbye to cold discomfort, and hello to true winter warmth!
Thanks to our snow skirts and gaiters, you’ll be exploring for hours.
Both Snow Skirts and Gaiters are specific, intentionally designed elements of larger pieces of clothing, typically included in our Boarder Jackets, in order to complement the design and function of the jacket for winter sport protection further.
Whilst our Free Country Boarder Jacket fundamentally maintains warmth whilst adventuring through snowy terrain and protects you from harsh wind, snow or slate, it is the inclusion of Snow Skirts and Gaiters that will take your protection durability to the next level.
Within the jacket, the Snow Skirt is the waist band attached with a snap closure located inside the jacket at waist level. Through clasping the band together around the waist, the Snow Skirt helps to prevent snow from entering inside the jacket when exploring snowy surroundings.
Snow Skirts are also made from elastic, so that it can be stretched and fitted to a variety of body types and underneath layering in order to maintain comfort whilst also enhancing performance.
Gaiters serve a similar purpose within Free Country Boarder Jackets, and are also found in some snow pants as well. Just as with Snow Skirts, Gaiters are made from elastic, which similarly grips around the boots for pants, or wrists for jackets.
An added emphasis on protection of the arms and legs increases the reliability and durability of Boarder Jackets and Snow pants, allowing you to play, perform and protect yourself for hours as you ski, board or climb through the wintry terrain!
Thanks to Snow Skirts and Gaiters, the Boarder Jacket is elevated in its ability to keep you warm and protect temperature and performance from the elements – an especially crucial feature in such extreme climates – so you can go as long as you want, as fast as you want.
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