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Free2 Empower

Everything we do here at Free Country, from the clothes we design, to the events we host, to this very blog, is with the ultimate goal of empowering our customers to find their passion, and to live their life to the fullest in the great outdoors.


As a company, our mission to empower stems from our personal love of adventure and sense of excitement, and the empowerment we generate is something we are certainly proud of.


Ultimately, however, our hope is that we have empowered you to empower others.


From friends and family to people you’ve never met, empowerment across states, countries and generations is both possible and important.


Like anything, positive energy and optimism is contagious. When we embrace for ourselves a love of life, a dedication to our passions and an authenticity to ourselves so vibrant it radiates out of all that we do, other people are empowered to do the same.


Simply being among nature, allowing yourself to explore and giving yourself the comfort and confidence to pursue what you love is the act of living this empowered life. How?


Below are seven reasons why exercising is not only empowering, but how you can empower yourself and those around you.


  • Achieve your goals. We know that there’s no feeling quite like the pride and joy that comes with achieving a goal you’ve set for yourself. Whether it’s a time, distance or skill, you invest your energy and dedication into a goal, and it pays off better than you ever could’ve imagined. Success is addictive – once you’ve completed one goal, you’ll find you can hardly wait to set another! This is where the empowerment comes in: you pushed yourself, and now, you made the decision to do it again. For those around you who have watched your journey, this milestone is equally as thrilling, and often spurs them into the thought (or action!) of setting and succeeding their own goals, too.


  • Be honest. One of the most effective ways to motivate someone you’re close to, empower them to go after what they want and inspire positive change is to be honest with them. For example, say that they only see you as the slim, healthy you that exists now, but two years ago, you were unhappy with your body and feeling physically weighed down. Open up about the obstacles you’ve faced (or continue to face!) the times when you’ve been both high and low, and the realities of going after your goal. Of course, keep it positive, but enabling someone else to relate to you will bring you closer while also empowering their sense of self as they realize that they aren’t alone in their struggle.


f2b empower article inset image


  • Offer a helping hand. Truly, wherever you can ease someone else’s load, do it. Whether it’s words of wisdom, coaching, mentoring, emotional support, the passing down of equipment, points of guidance… share what you’ve learned and help someone else’s journey through your own. We’re all one big community, after all.


  • Team Up. If you know someone who wants to make a change but is lacking either the knowledge, motivation or dedication to stick to it, volunteer to get out there with Not only is it a social outing every time, but also, you’ll be able to stick by their side through the ups and downs, allowing them to challenge and surprise themselves like never before.



  • Show off your positivity. When you’re in a good mood, proud of your successes or simply feeling confident, own it! Don’t suppress your happiness or pride for a fear of seeming overbearing: let yourself be happy, and know that your happiness could help inspire someone else to pursue that feeling, too.


  • Empower Yourself. Of all the ways to empower another person with adventure, the best is to continually, unconditionally empower yourself. Confidence and commitment are two things that are universally admired in people of all ages, from all places. Not only will you feel amazing as you push yourself, but your story and success will become an inspiration to others over time.