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Don’t Leave These Outdoor Essentials at Home


Don’t Leave These Essentials at Home

In case you haven’t heard…this month is National Great Outdoors Month. Started by President Clinton in 1998, National Great Outdoors Month celebrates the nation’s incredible ecological diversity by encouraging all Americans to visit their local, state, and federal outdoor spaces.  

We’ve kicked off the celebration with giveaways every week in June (random $150 gift card customer giveaways who make a purchase on, as well as $100 gift card giveaways on our social, so be sure to follow us on Instagram!) and tips and tricks to get you exploring the nature around you.  

When venturing outside, having the right supplies is vital to having a fun, safe excursion. Here are five items you shouldn’t leave the house without when you get outside this month!

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

It’s extremely important to drink enough water so that you don’t get dehydrated when you’re outside. Many outdoor spaces don’t have access to clean drinking water, so bringing water with you from home is essential. Plan to carry at least one liter (roughly 34 ounces) of water for every two hours of walking or hiking you do. 

Bring water bottles or a sturdy canteen filled with water with you when you’re out and drink only when you’re thirsty if you’re low and want to conserve it! 

A small snack can also go a long way. Choose items that don’t require refrigeration and have lots of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Nuts and seeds are an excellent choice, as is beef or turkey jerky, granola bars, or dried fruit. 

2. Sunscreen

Though you should apply an SPF at least 20 minutes before leaving the house, carrying a travel-sized sunscreen in your bag ensures you have optimal sun protection all day long. 

Reapply sunscreen every two hours or after sweating. As the active ingredients block the sun’s harmful UV rays, they begin to break down. Reapplying your sunscreen ensures you have full coverage and avoid skin damage. 

Sunscreen can protect you against skin damage, such as discoloration and sunburn. It also minimizes the risk of more serious long-term sun exposure consequences like skin cancer

3. Light Jacket

 Free Country’s Packable Windshear Jacket

No matter your location, when you spend time outside, you are at the mercy of the elements. What started as a warm, sunny day can quickly turn to cool, wet weather or vice versa. 

Don’t let the weather stop you from getting outside! Wear or pack extra layers when getting ready for your trip outdoors to ensure your day isn’t ruined by inclement or chilly weather. Bring a packable jacket with you in case the clouds roll in on your day out. Free Country’s Packable Windshear Jacket is designed to protect against the elements with tested wind and water resistance.

Need even more protection? Free Country’s Hydro Lite Spectator Waterproof Jacket will do the trick in any unexpected storm. 

You can also pack a reversible vest to layer over long or short sleeves for a little extra warmth or a Long Softshell Jacket to keep you dry while you spend time outside.

4. Stay Shady

Protect your eyes! Wearing sunglasses not only protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays but it also helps to keep eyes hydrated and acts as a barrier against dust and wind. Sunglasses can prevent eye and facial muscle strain by giving you clearer vision and allowing you to see long distances without squinting through intense UV rays all day. 

Not to mention, it’s a fashion statement on its own! Have a look at our collection of sunglasses if you need inspiration. Look for lightweight, stylish sunglasses that offer 100 percent UV protection, and have an anti-reflective coating when spending time outside.

5. Anything is Paw-sible

Who says all your time outside has to be done solo? Bring your furry friend with you, but don’t forget these pet essentials!

Collar, leash, waste bag holders, and a collapsible bowl for on-the-go water and meals. Free Country’s Dog Essentials Set will keep you prepared!

You also need to protect sensitive dog ears from the elements. Dogs’ ears and noses are highly sensitive and can become sunburned or wind-chapped without protection. Apply pet-friendly sunscreen to your pup’s ears before venturing outdoors. Look for a brand that contains high-quality, non-toxic natural ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil to keep your dog’s skin safe.