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Celebrate National Exercise Day

National Exercise Day is April 18, here are some free and fun ways to get moving in style.

National Exercise Day is April 18, here are some easy ways to get moving in style

National Exercise Day was created as a way to promote the boundless benefits of physical activity, and to encourage people to get moving. Regular exercise is the best way to enhance your overall quality of life. Staying active works wonders to reduce stress, increase energy levels, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve your mood and general well-being. And any activity counts! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on fancy gym memberships or special equipment to get your heart pumping.

At Free Country, we’re all about taking advantage of the great outdoors, exploring Mother Nature and creating your own adventure. After all, your path to wellness is as unique as you are, so #GetOutThere and find your perfect fit!

Go for a walk or run
Did you know you’re more likely to double your exercise outdoors than indoors? Sunshine and fresh air are instant mood-boosters. Forget strenuous over-hyped fitness fads and start small with a leisurely neighborhood stroll or a sprint through your local park. It’s an easy entry-level way to get started, and an accessible exercise for all. Ensure you stay cool and comfortable with your outfit. Hot tip: avoid cotton and opt for breathable basics like our quick-drying UPF sun shirt.

Try a new activity
The key to maintaining a regular fitness routine is having fun, and being consistent. Switching up your workouts keeps things interesting so you’re less likely to quit. Try a new sport or research local classes in your area. If you prefer working out from home, consider a virtual Pilates class or HIIT workout. Slip on some leggings and a comfortable top (like our temperature-regulating Microtech Chill tank), fire up YouTube and check out the countless free videos on demand.

Get out and play
Exercise doesn’t have to be tedious. Channel your inner child and embrace the spirit of adventure and carefree fun. Go for a swim, play a game of frisbee, have a dance party with friends, organize a soccer or basketball game, and enjoy. You’ll create lasting memories while moving your body. Wear a comfortable getup (we suggest our moisture-wicking Wear Anywhere shorts) to maximize the fun.

Organize a community clean-up
Exercising is more enjoyable if you get friends and family involved, so corral a group for a good cause. Clean up a local park, beach or nature trail—it’s the perfect way to bond with others, while also beautifying your community. Eco-conscious warriors can sweat and socialize in Free Country’s soft-as-air recycled Cloud Knit zip-up hoodie—it’s good for the environment and for keeping you cool and dry during any activity.

Do an outdoor workout
Find a serene and peaceful spot in a park to practice yoga, get your heart pumping with rock climbing or stand-up paddle boarding, enjoy breathtaking views on a scenic hike or take a bike ride through local trails. Use nature’s playground as your gym and you’ll connect more deeply to yourself and the world around you. Be ready for any adventure in our sweat-wicking Cloud Knit joggers—they’re soft enough to sleep in but designed for performance.

Get happy and healthy
This National Exercise Day, we encourage you to explore new ways to move your body while discovering the beauty of the great outdoors. Try new workouts, connect with your community and have some fun in the sun. Don’t forget to capture the moment: Share your favorite activities or snap a pic in your @FreeCountryApparel and tag #NationalExerciseDay and the #OutsideIsOurs to inspire others and showcase the joys of fitness in the fresh air.