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Branch Out on National Arbor Day

Celebrate trees and give back to nature with Free Country’s guide to planting and preservation.

Attention, nature lovers! It’s time to get outside and celebrate National Arbor Day on April 28. The global holiday—first started in the 1870s—is all about appreciating the beauty and importance that trees play in our daily lives. It’s easy to lose sight of nature’s natural wonders, especially if you live in a big city.

At Free Country, we believe taking care of our environment is a crucial responsibility we all share. After all, healthy trees = healthy people. Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, providing us with renewable sources of energy, improving air and water quality and keeping climate change in check. Plus, spending time in any outdoor oasis is proven to boost our mental and physical health. So, show a little love and appreciation for our leafy friends with these easy ideas to ensure a greener future.

Plant a tree
Grab your gardening gloves and plant a tree in your backyard, neighborhood or local park. Trees are a vital, affordable and natural way to make a positive difference in the environment. Plant roots and watch as green pastures create cleaner air, connect communities and support our overall health and well-being. Can’t plant a tree yourself? From April 23–28, every time you use #ArborDay on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree for you—up to 100,000 in total!

Visit a tree-related attraction
Head to a botanical garden or tree sanctuary, hit up hiking trails or simply take a nature walk. Go on a guided tour with a local expert to learn about different species and take a moment to appreciate the beauty and perks provided by Mother Nature.

Label street trees
Education is everything! Check out i-Tree MyTree to calculate the value and benefits of trees in your neighborhood, local park or around town. Download a free tree tag and pop it on a nearby pine, spruce and oak. Community members will be shocked by all the ways—sometimes unexpected—that trees positively affect our communities, and the world. And maybe it’ll inspire them to plant their own timbers!

Attend a local event
Check out community Arbor Day events and celebrations to get involved. Find opportunities to volunteer with organizations dedicated to preserving and protecting trees, or join community clean-up initiatives. Attend a National Arbor Day festival for fun tree-related activities, arts and crafts, food, live music and more. Read local listings to discover where to snag giveaways like free trees, plants and seeds and do your small part to make the planet a better place.